Meet the Besties!

Years ago, I ran a little online shop selling kids clothes. One of my favorite things to make were pieced appliques. I would hand draw simple templates and use those to create different designs for t-shirts, baby onesies and dresses. After I switched gears to home decor, I decided to use some of those templates […]

Free Summertime popsicle (bomb pop inspired) applique

Summertime is for popsicles! It’s also for fun crafts and DIY projects. Appliques are a great way to spruce up almost any craft project. Pieced appliques are extra fun, because they are a great way to get creative. This fabric has a summery vibe, and brings back memories of eating hot dogs, pretzels and popsicles […]

Viva La Virgen! What you can make with your Virgin Mary Fabric

The Virgin Mary or La Virgen de Guadalupe remains an important symbol in Mexican culture. She is a symbol of strength and faith, and is often associated with motherhood, feminism and social justice. I grew up Catholic, and she was a constant in the memories of my childhood. Fast forward to the present, and although […]

Apple Dump Cake

My Dad has been bringing me apples lately. Like, a lot of apples. So many apples that there is no way we could possibly eat them all, and we tried. With Covid-19 still a very real threat, I have been extremely vigilant about distancing. Two of my kids have compromised immune systems, so we have […]

Seven Low-Key Halloween “Costumes” You Can Create Using A Face Mask, Some Makeup And A Few Accessories.

Halloween is on Saturday this year. We are also in the middle of a pandemic, and Halloween celebrations for the majority of people, will be low-key. That being said, there may be some of you that will still want to dress up, and be festive, without going full-blown costume. This post is for YOU! We […]

Top Five Places To Get Custom Fabric Printed

So, fabric. I’ve collected it for years, and once it enters my home, I form a very emotional attachment to it. Every time I think of “de-stashing” I start having a tiny panic attack. Dramatic? Yes, but I really do become attached to the fabric I buy , and I’ve made my peace with that. […]

Coloring Pages!

It’s been a time. Amirite?! We’ve all been quarantined at home since early March, and let’s be real. The walls feel like they are closing in, and our nerves are all a little frayed. I know it’s the best place to be right now, and I can totally see the “BIG” picture, but we are […]

I Can Cook! Don’t Look So Surprised (Yeah, I’m Talking To You Dad).

I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Like, A LOT. If you know me, you know I am a fairly good baker, but regular cooking, like meals and stuff, not so much. I CAN cook, It’s just never been something I enjoyed doing. Since the beginning of February (BSQ-before self-quarantine), circumstances have demanded a change in […]