Viva La Virgen! What you can make with your Virgin Mary Fabric

The Virgin Mary or La Virgen de Guadalupe remains an important symbol in Mexican culture. She is a symbol of strength and faith, and is often associated with motherhood, feminism and social justice. I grew up Catholic, and she was a constant in the memories of my childhood. Fast forward to the present, and although I am not a practicing Catholic anymore, my love of la Virgen has remained.

So let’s talk fabric. There have been many Virgin Mary prints available since I started sewing thirteen years ago, and I have probably purchased most of them! What do you make with your Virgen fabric? I purchased both large and small scale Virgen de Guadalupe prints over the years, and the scale definitely determines the project.


Pillows are a great option. This is one of my favorite Virgin Mary prints. It’s called Inner Faith and it is manufactured by Robert Kaufman fabrics. There are four panels in this design, so you can make four different pillows. They can be embellished using shabby rosettes, or any type of fringe, and are also pretty great unembellished. These pillows measure approximately 10″ x 10″ which is very petite, but it’s a fun way to use this print.

Appliques (fabric patches)

Fabric patches or appliques are another fun way to use your Virgen de Guadalupe fabric. Appliques are great for embellishing clothing, accessories (like tote bags), and even gift bags! If the item can withstand the heat of the iron, you can add an applique. This Virgen de Guadalupe patch measures approximately 8 inches tall and I used it on a tote bag.

Tote Bag

This decoupage style tote bag is a good example of how creative you can get with applique! This is one of my favorite applique styles. This tote bag gave me the opportunity to use various sizes and styles of Virgen de Guadalupe prints. It’s one of my favorite pieces to date.

When you are experimenting with different prints, there’s really no wrong way to use them. Let your creativity flow, sky’s the limit!

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