Seven Low-Key Halloween “Costumes” You Can Create Using A Face Mask, Some Makeup And A Few Accessories.

Halloween is on Saturday this year. We are also in the middle of a pandemic, and Halloween celebrations for the majority of people, will be low-key. That being said, there may be some of you that will still want to dress up, and be festive, without going full-blown costume. This post is for YOU!

We are going to share seven low-key Halloween “costume” looks that you can recreate with a face mask (‘cuz safety), some makeup, and a few accessories (if you want).

halloween look #1 - las monarcas -monarch butterfly

Monarch butterflies are beautiful. They are also really on trend right now. For this look we created a face mask using a pretty fabric showcasing a variety of butterfly species, including the monarch. It can be found here. To create a dreamy butterfly-like makeup look, here are a couple of tutorials to check out. This one is a more low-key look similar to what we did, without the butterfly stencil, which would be cool though. And this one is a bit more extra, but would be amazing for this look. Last, but not least, we added a monarch butterfly crown, by Love Caroline O on Etsy.

halloween look #2 - Kiss of the spiderwoman

When I saw this fabric, I thought it was so unique and really pretty. The print is actually called Kiss of the Spider Woman! You can find the mask here. The makeup is so fun, and not super scary or elaborate. This tutorial is a great starting point for a similar look. If you don’t have a mesh top, a plain black tee will do!

halloween look #3 - La reina de calaveras

Calaveras are one of my favorite symbols. This fabric reminded me initially of ghostly pumpkins, because of all the white swirls. It’s a very wispy print. As I looked at the fabric more closely I spotted the calaveras. Tiny white skulls, making this fabric perfect for a Halloween “costume.” You can find the face mask here.  Simple shimmery eyes add to the ethereal look. Check out this tutorial for something similar. We added a silver shimmery floral crown adorned with a single glittered skull, found here. You can wear something bright or something neutral, sky’s the limit!


halloween looks #4 & #5 - zebra queen & Leopard chic

Who doesn’t love animal prints? They are so popular I would totally consider them a neutral. Halloween looks #4 and #5 take zebra and leopard print face masks, and turn them into low-key costumes. Add some creative hair and makeup, and you can turn something neutral into something ultra festive, that really shows your Halloween spirit. You can find the face masks here and here.  Try this tutorial for a smoky zebra eye. Our model went with a few simple leopard spots, and this tutorial will help you acheive them . You decide how many or how few you want to wear. Lastly, this is a good inspiration for the leopard eye makeup. As for the clothes, go all out with the animal print or just add a little. Make the look your own.

halloween look #6 - fiesta frida

Frida Kahlo is an inspiration to so many all year round. She is the embodiment of a true artistic spirit. We call this look, Fiesta Frida. This colorful face mask can be found here. Our model added some festive jewely, a pretty floral blouse (which she already had) and this lively floral headband, we found on Amazon. If you don’t have a floral print blouse, don’t worry. Almost any top will work here, even a solid color t-shirt. Just have fun with it, this look is super adaptable.

halloween look #7 - costume kitties

What would Halloween be without cats right? This fabric is one of my favorite new Halloween prints. It’s called Costume Kitty, and it comes in two color ways, gray and purple. You can find the gray Costume Kitty mask here and the purple one here. Our models went with an orange smoky eye for the gray mask and a smoky eye in purples with the purple mask. They kept it simple and wore black clothing, and we DIY’ed the cat ears, but you can find some here and here.

There you have it! SEVEN Halloween looks you can create using a face mask, some make up and a few accessories. All of these “costumes” can be adapted to fit your needs and your budget.

You can even DIY the face masks with things you may already have around the house. This is my favorite site for fun sewing tips, and she has a great face mask tutorial round-up here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them for me in the comments below.

Happy Halloween Season!

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