Top Five Places To Get Custom Fabric Printed

So, fabric. I’ve collected it for years, and once it enters my home, I form a very emotional attachment to it. Every time I think of “de-stashing” I start having a tiny panic attack. Dramatic? Yes, but I really do become attached to the fabric I buy , and I’ve made my peace with that. I have always wanted to design my own fabric. The problem? I lack artistic ability, but have a lot of design ideas. The solution? Hire a graphic designer to bring those ideas to life, and a place that will print the fabric. Lucky for me, my daughter is a graphic designer, crazy talented, and is okay with her her design fee being paid in random gift cards. She is also willing to humor her crazy mama, and my stream-of-consciousness fabric design ideas. Someday, I want to have my own fabric printer, but for now, a third party printer is how I decided to turn my fabric dreams into reality.

Back in May, when our design team (my husband, my daughter and me) were br.ainstorming ideas for Mother’s Day product offerings, my husband suggested we design a fabric centered around moms. Seems like a no-brainer right? Well, it was! My husband created a “Moms Around the World” print, did some research and ultimately decided to use Contrado to have it printed. The main selling point? Their quick turnaround and shipping time. We paid a little over $32 per yard, including shipping. We received the fabric in two days. From the United Kingdom. Mind blown. My only criticism is the fabric we ordered was very thin (cotton lawn), but that was OUR error. We were in such a rush to receive the fabric, we didn’t order swatches beforehand, We later ordered a swatch pack to make sure we get it right for future orders.

These folks have been around since 2010. I remember when you had to sign up to even have a chance at printing your own fabric. They had a waiting list! Fast forward ten years, and now anyone can do it. We did, and I’m so glad. There is a graphic we use on a few different products, and I love it. Probably more than a person should love a thing. After watching a few YouTube tutorials, and ultimately this one on how to create a seamless repeat pattern, my daughter turned it into a printable fabric design. She uploaded it to Spoonflower, and a few minutes later, the design was ready to print. It looked great, and normally I would have ordered a swatch, but my eagerness prevailed. I proofed it one last time, ordered two yards and hoped for the best. There is a 14 to 17 day turnaround time, which is not terrible. I ordered the fabric on a Saturday afternoon and had in my hands the following Thursday. What?! Insanely fast. Bravo Spoonflower. The price per yard, was a little over $16 because if you design your own fabric, you get a little discount. For two yards plus shipping it was about $40, Not bad for a custom print. The petal soft cotton is also nice quality, and washes well. Just as a side note, I have also ordered other designers’ fabric from Spoonflower, and the quality is consistent. This is a great resource for printing your fabric designs.

This company boasts their use of the ultimate technology for textile printing. They print your designs, patterns, logos or photos on 108 different fabrics, with no minimum quantity. They offer various fabric choices, such as satin, organza, jersey, 100% silk, 100% cotton, different types of polyester and natural materials. Printing is done on demand within 48 hours, so it can arrive in your hands in two days. Bags of Love offers full color, high quality dye sublimation textile printing. I have not personally used this service , however they offer a three year guarantee on their product, so it’s worth a try. Check them out here.

DESIGNYOURFABRIC.COM. This company was founded by The Emerson Group to give designers of all levels the ability to digitally print on fabric. There are no order minimums, and you can choose from almost thirty different fabrics. They will even print your design on fabric YOU provide, if that’s something you are interested in doing. also offers discounts on bulk orders over 75 yards. You can request swatches, and turnaround time is about 7-10 days. If you are interested in learning more, you can do so here.


This company has been in business since 2016, and is based in the United Kingdom. Their facility, located in Kent, uses dye-sublimation to digitally print on fabric. Prinfab offers 49 different fabric types, and you can order samples to ensure you are choosing the correct fabric for your project. Their turnaround time is approximately 5 business days. Interested in giving them a shot? Check out their site here.

Creating your own designs and having them printed on fabric is very satisfying. When the fabric arrived it was so cool to see it in person, and even more fun to actually make something using the print we created. If you’ve been on the fence about having your own fabric printed, get off the fence, and give it a chance! You’ll be glad you did.

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