Meet the Besties!

Years ago, I ran a little online shop selling kids clothes. One of my favorite things to make were pieced appliques. I would hand draw simple templates and use those to create different designs for t-shirts, baby onesies and dresses. After I switched gears to home decor, I decided to use some of those templates to create pillows, tote bags and kitchen towels. I sold a few, and they were so popular, I started making new templates. Those pillows were very painstaking to make. Lots of individual pieces, lots of sewing, and long turnaround times. I wanted to be able to scale this part of our business, so I asked our graphic designer (my daughter Sabrina) if she could turn these into something we could print on fabric. She designed eleven different dolls, and after months of hard work and planning, they launched on September 13, 2023. It makes me so happy to see this project come full circle. The Nice Cosas Besties Club™ are here and ready to add some whimsy to your home. Welcome to the Club!